My name is Fabian and I just blog about things that make me laugh, smile, I can relate to, my feelings, or simply something I just like! :33 hope you like my blog! :DD
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Other night chilling with the wcw. 😎
Out job hunting for today. Fuck minimum wage and no hours.
Throwing it back 3 years to my junior year when me and my niggas decided to start the zombie trend at PRHS. 😏😋 @abegglena  @abagelman
Love having my signature on my hat. 😎
Awesome ass breakfast. 😎
Couldn’t have had a better weekend yo. 😋😆
Faded af this weekend. Chilling with my niggas, keeping it 💯.😎#photogrid @photogridorg
This is pretty damn accurate to, other than the fact that sometimes I can’t even make it out of the parking lot before I change lol.
A giant meal after staying up the past 24 hours with @schweikle
"High as hell ain’t got no satellites on me."
New car finally. 😎 1999 Integra looking sick.
Mufasas tiyurd. (:
Cut all my hair off because fuck it. Lol
This beautiful woman right here is my wce, between all the shit her and I went through, between all the hurt and joy we had living together, honestly no other girl could compare to her. She always cracks on me about posting a wcw about her but I wasn’t ready to do it till she wasn’t paying attention, surprise her a little, and day by day prove to her how much she means to me. You’re perfect baby, never change your ways. I love you just the way you are. (:
Lul couldn’t be more accurate.