My name is Fabian and I just blog about things that make me laugh, smile, I can relate to, my feelings, or simply something I just like! :33 hope you like my blog! :DD
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Wcw definitely goes to this gorgeous girl. 😘👍
Rearanged the room, now time to go to sleep and watch Blue Mountain State. 😋
Moon out in broad daylight? Lol 😎
"No matter what you say or what you do
When I’m alone, I’d rather be with you
Fuck these other niggas
I’ll be right by your side ‘til 3005, hold up.”
Stay Anonymous.
Chilling with my niggas as always.
Other night chilling with the wcw. 😎
Out job hunting for today. Fuck minimum wage and no hours.
Throwing it back 3 years to my junior year when me and my niggas decided to start the zombie trend at PRHS. 😏😋 @abegglena  @abagelman
Love having my signature on my hat. 😎
Awesome ass breakfast. 😎
Couldn’t have had a better weekend yo. 😋😆
Faded af this weekend. Chilling with my niggas, keeping it 💯.😎#photogrid @photogridorg
This is pretty damn accurate to, other than the fact that sometimes I can’t even make it out of the parking lot before I change lol.
A giant meal after staying up the past 24 hours with @schweikle